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We look forward to seeing you in September for opening of our 2014 – 2015 gallery season


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    • We’re All Mad Here – City Newspaper Art Review

      Many people who are labeled ‘eccentric” are simply living their lives defiantly unencumbered by meaningless norms – and in doing so, may find more soul-fulfilling ways of moving through this strange trip. And these types can teach the rest of us a thing or two…..

    • From Pop to Primitivism – Bill Stewart’s World in Clay

      Blending into the rural landscape, an unassuming two story structure appears as we pull into the driveway. With the main house just off to the left, this building looks similar to others we had seen while driving down the road, which typically store tractors and other outdoor equipment. Waving to…

    • “Shaman-isms” – Pop primitivism, Art Review

      Where do we end, and where does the world begin? What divides the past, present, and future, and what are the means by which we may access one position from another? Do such lines truly exist, or are they perceived for the sake of making some sense of it all?

    • New Start with Art – Rochester Magazine

      Muto also has opened her own business, Margot Muto Contemporary Art, to represent and handle local talent. She envisions our city as becoming a destination for art lovers, drawing tourists and talent into a vibrant cultural community…..


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