Heart Doesn’t Know Rules

Paintings by

Lin Price

Opening Reception:

Friday, March 1, 2019

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm


On view from March 1 thru April 23, 2019


Lin Price is an artist whose paintings can be described as loosely constructed semi-narratives that tap the subconscious, and open up a window to the complexities of the human condition against backdrops of abstracted painterly landscapes that hint towards the recognizable.

These works represent fleeting moments of contemplation that Price hopes all viewers can identify with; the experience of reconciling our worldly states of being with desires of the soul. They are not meant to be interpreted into reason or narrative, rather a poetic reference to the subconscious states of internal conflicts and irrational space – like dreams often do.

“Themes that arise in my paintings are the experiences of desire, regret, and joy.  Through imagination, playful creation of abstracted spaces, and color composition, I attempt to show an inner world that is mysterious and noble…as dreams and life often are.”                                                                  -Lin Price-

               Price’s concerns are just as much about the intimate details of our inner psychological worlds as they are about the formal elements of painting. The loosely realistic style utilizes color, shape, line, texture, and form which reference elements from color field painters to abstract expressionists all while harkening back to the narrative themes of the Romanticist. These elements guide us as we navigate through the sub-realities and psychological landscapes that straddle the lucid divide between the dream world and real life. The outcome is a sense of the surreal in a playful, witty, unexpected and undefined aesthetic.


Open Tuesday – Friday  12pm – 6 pm; Saturday 10am – 5pm
and by appointment. (585) 232-6030 ext. 3

Heart Doesn’t Know Rules

Opening Reception with Artist Lin Price

Friday . March 1st, 6p – 9p

On Exhibit

March 1 – April 23, 2018

On the first Friday evening of each month Gallery Night
We will be open till 9pm

AXOM is Located in The Neighborhood of the Arts 176 Anderson Ave. (on the 2nd floor)  Rochester NY 14607
(we are around the corner from Village Gate and down the block from Good Luck Restaurant).  

From Goodman St. turn onto Anderson Ave (you will be driving east). Just before our building, there is a parking lot with a sign on the fence that says: Parking for AXOM Gallery.
Parking is also available along Anderson Ave and also on the residential side streets off of Anderson Ave.


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