What’s New at Axom?

Axom Gallery and Axom Home have merged!

When we moved our store and gallery to 661 South Ave. in the fall of 2019, we had high hopes for future art shows and even managed to have a Holiday show with an opening reception. We planned our next show to open April 2020… then covid happened and we were grateful to still be in business (virtual online business). Once the world began to re-open around Labor Day of 2020, we re-planned our next show. While our Jacque Clements show was a success it was also disheartening, we could not have an opening reception or any crowds in general. After Jack’s show concluded we curated affordable art from many talented artists in the community. Our hope was that our customers could find their first work of art without breaking the bank being as it had been a tough year for all. Seeing as covid was still running rapid we thought it best to hold off on Art exhibitions, but we wanted to keep all this amazing art in our store to share with others. We started mixing paintings and sculpture in with our furniture collections and one thing led to another. Customers and artists have loved seeing local art pair up with axom home’s furniture for some time now and we have decided to keep it going. We will be rotating the art on a regular basis, keeping it fresh with our furniture selections. Axom Gallery news and information will now be found on the axom home website. Click below for more details….