Beyond the Surface (The Spiritual Beauty of Abstraction)

Paintings by Carey Corea

Opening Reception- Saturday June 9th 6:00p – 9:00p

AXOM Gallery is pleased to announce our new exhibition, “Beyond the Surface” (The Spiritual Beauty of Abstraction), paintings by artist Carey Corea.

Carey Corea creates in a space where substance and spirit embrace. Corea unites and harmonize the diverse elements of color, texture, line, marks and gesture with no aim or hope except expressing the power of beauty. Beauty that is capable of both affecting the heart and stimulating the mind of the viewer.

Carey Corea has had a long artistic career focused on marketing communications and symbol design; however, at the mid-point of his career painting and drawing became parallel pursuits.

His current work revolves around the mystery of the invisible reality – inspired by ancient history and the truths embodied in the world’s great spiritual traditions. Corea explores how the human spirit responds to symbols and surface, to color and composition. His paintings act as meditations or conversations centered on the interplay between materials and mystery.

The media that dominates Corea’s work is encaustic paint. An ancient Greek invention made by combining bee’s wax, tree sap, and pigment. The paint is applied in a molten state and heat-fused after every brushstroke. Corea’s technique creates complex organic surfaces of vibrant color, which are incised with mysterious symbols and shapes.