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St.Monci and Lives Styled stage dream spaces at Axom – City Newspaper Review

Axom Gallery has been temporarily transformed from a white walls art gallery into a supremely fun, impossibly chic series if staged living and working spaces. A beloved local creative couple-painter St.Monci and Hannah Betts of design studio Lives Styled-have taken over the room, filling it with their art and carefully arranged furniture from Axom Objects [...]


The curious patterning and myriad perspectives of urban space became the meeting place for my disparate painting influences — rock art, crazy quilts, Western Realism, Eastern landscape painting, many modernisms and other influences. I use a patchwork of freehand techniques and painting/drawing media to depict a felt environment that is equally about architecture and absence.


I’ve been thinking about place and process and where a friction might start between the two. I realized that this idea was akin to developing a system or a “catalog of effects.” I thought of that catalog as an “Atlas.” When I think of the term “Atlas,” mapping is the clear standard; however, I also think of timelines and choices.


The eccentric madcap Sally is partly autobiographical, representing a composite of English characters from Adam's childhood during WW II. Growing up outside of London with working class people; bawdy, blowzy and laughing together in the face of adversity and hardship, the various depictions of Sally are a theatrical narrative of Adam's experiential observations