The Art & Life of Danny Allen; Sunny Ducks and other Musings

AXOM Gallery is excited to be part of collaborative Exhibition of the Life and Work of Danny Allen. Entitled "SUNNY DUCKS AND OTHER MUSINGS".  The exhibit at AXOM Gallery features a painting, "Sunny Ducks", which is on loan to AXOM from The Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester. Daniel Arthur Allen (1946 - 1974) was born to be an artist who showed exceptional talent at a very young age. As a draftsman who was capable of loose and casual handling of materials as well as meticulous brushwork that took on photorealistic qualities,....

St.Monci and Lives Styled stage dream spaces at Axom – City Newspaper Review

Axom Gallery has been temporarily transformed from a white walls art gallery into a supremely fun, impossibly chic series if staged living and working spaces. A beloved local creative couple-painter St.Monci and Hannah Betts of design studio Lives Styled-have taken over the room, filling it with their art and carefully arranged furniture from Axom Objects [...]

ROSE-COLORED GLASSES: Mixed Media Paintings On Papers by Isaac Payne

Isaac Payne joins us from North Carolina to share with us his dynamic works that explore philosophical and exesential questions around peoples relationship to our man-made urban environments. His compositions of unidentified figures and exposed architectural structures, devoid of the surrounding natural world, reflect an aspect of our contemporary human condition that relates to a sense of isolation in both interpersonal and environmental relationships.

SEEING THINGS: Paintings & Drawings by Lin Price

Price’s work opens up a window to the complexities of the human condition against backdrops of abstracted painterly spaces that hint towards the recognizable. The open ended narratives of struggle, desire, isolation, fear, compassion, obsession, anticipation, searching, and longing are the autobiographical themes that she infuses into the anonymous figure that she calls the “Everyman”.