Mother, wife, artist, friend. Christine Knoblauch is an energy source to be reckoned with.

Mask down and welding torch in hand, she is completely in her element. Which happens to be metal, her medium of choice.  Sculpting scraps of steel, stainless steel and other metals, she bends, twists and bonds the material into fluid shapes and functional art.

Christine draws unending inspiration from her childhood spent on Lake Ontario in upstate New York.  Sunsets, colors of the season and natureʼs graceful movements are evident in her work.  Mostly she is moved by water, its cleansing, rejuvenating properties washing over each sculpture.

Another of Christineʼs guiding elements is her heart.  Luminous and generous, step within 10 feet of her and you canʼt help but its pull.  Heartbroken by the loss of a dear friend in 2008, she turned that energy toward her art and welded the pieces back together.  Her popular heart sculptures are permanent fixtures in the lives of friends and collectors, reminders of the pain and beauty within.

Christine’s sculptures and functional artwork can be found in collections around the world and her work has been exhibited in Miami, New York City, Santa Fe, and Washington D.C.  She and her husband, fellow metal sculptor Paul Knoblauch, have owned and operated Knoblauch Studios in Rochester, NY since 1996.  The facility provides space for other artists as well as a gallery to display finished work.

In 2009, Christine founded Bottega Ventura, a collection of fine artists of multiple disciplines.