AXOM Gallery and Exhibition Space opened its doors in March 2012 in a renovated space adjacent to the existing art and design studios of Rick and Robin Muto. The gallery’s Director, Margot Muto, brings her enthusiasm and expertise in art to the family business. Margot works directly with artists to provide opportunities to engage collectors and public audiences in the context of contemporary art and design. The distinct artistic backgrounds of the family members bring unique and unified approaches to the gallery as it serves to enhance the experiences for our artists and visitors alike.

The Gallery is housed within the old Frankel Bros. Rag Factory building in Rochester’s Neighborhood of the Arts. The 550 square foot gallery space brings the flavor of the New York City warehouse art gallery to Rochester, New York with its original high beamed ceilings and outer brick walls. To expand the display area, inserts have been placed in the large factory windows, leaving a clearstory effect of diffused natural light. When combined with track lighting an optimum viewing environment is achieved.

The Gallery derived its name from the word axiom: “a statement or proposition that is regarded as being self-evidently true.” (Oxford American College Dictionary) We at AXOM believe that art as expression acts as an unspoken truth.

AXOM Gallery and Exhibition Space will act primarily as a commercial exhibition space for the rotation of artist work, rather than as a gallery that only represents a select few. We welcome outside curators, collectors, dealers, art organizations, and other galleries that are interested in collaboration and / or guest curating.



AXOM Gallery and Exhibition Space is committed to the presentation of emerging and established artists who work in various media around our region and nation. In addition we seek to:

  • Curate works in a historical or contemporary context. We will actively foster and present work in visual arts on the basis of original scholarship.
  • Serve to link the range of visual arts to contemporary culture and provide a provocative forum where diverse art forms, artists, and audiences can come together and offer a point of view that encourages quality, vision, and learning.
  • Serve our community as an artistic forum which challenges and expands the public understanding and perception of contemporary art and design.
  • Serve our artists by supporting and fostering creativity and making their works available to public audiences and collectors.
  • Treat the collection of art as a serious and vital endeavor and encourage the art of collecting by engaging our clients in distinctive art, exhibitions, educational programming, consultation, and opportunities to dialog with artists.
  • Help support various outreach programming and city revitalization through the arts.