When AXOM Gallery discovered that one of Christine’s ‘wish’ projects was to create one of her welded metal hearts for the community of Newtown, Connecticut, we decided we needed to connect Henry with Christine.  It didn’t take long for Henry to  invite Christine Knoblauch to join him in this effort.  On view with Henry Avignon’s The New Town Collection: A Gift of Hope, will be a welded steel heart sculpture engraved with the names of the 26 victims.

Mask down and welding torch in hand, Christine Ventura Knoblauch is completely in her element.  With a unique style she sculpts metal into both form and function.  Born in Rochester NY, Christine attributes her passion for capturing beauty to her Italian-american heritage which also taught her the importance of dedication and the pursuit of mastering the process through hard work.  Unending inspiration comes to her from her loving family.  Her father a stone carver and her mother a master at culinary arts taught Christine to be connected to the world around her, savoring the essence of life with all her senses.  No matter what Christine does, she does it with passion and all her heart.  Her art is an expression of who she is and how much she loves life.  Christineʼs art is in collections in Italy and all over our country.  She has made numerous heart sculptures and angel wing chairs for many charities in Rochester.