AXOM Gallery is pleased to announce our new exhibition, LIKE A KISS, a multi-media exhibit consisting of photography, video and a live performance, during our Opening reception for the Artist Tina Starr on January 26 between 6 & 9 PM.


In light of recent events in our society, Tina Starr has felt the need to fully address the issues of sexual assault and domestic violence. “It is a widespread epidemic that effects so many, including myself”, she says.  Starr feels a need to be honest about her own experiences both as a way to reach others who have experienced these things and to disturb those who still are not convinced that this is a real problem.


A quote from Tina Starr: “LIKE A KISS is a loose narrative of my years in an abusive relationship, my escape from that relationship, and the continued experience of sexual assault  that I have gone through since then. I want to celebrate how much I have healed. It is not just my story, but the story of many who have experienced these types of traumas.”