“CURIOUS CURIO, by digital artist Marcus Conge. In this series of work, Conge explores the new media of computer generated image making simultaneously with the exploration of his inner psyche, with the intention of revealing the struggles that life presents to all of us, and to which we can all relate.


While a heightened state of discomfort isn’t for everyone”, says Conge, “… it’s all I know. I need those conditions to survive. They keep me from being satisfied with the work I did a year ago and the work I’ll do tomorrow.”


While Conge’s work is created from his own deep thoughts emotions and secrets, and imaginings, he encourages outside critique and interpretation, as he holds in high regard that which is informed by the viewers’ unique personal experiences.


Marcus Conge has been a free lance digital artist since 1992. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Industrial design at Rochester Institute of Technology, and taught there for five years between 1997 and 2002 as an adjunct Professor.


Marcus Conge was born in Irondequoit, NY, and spent most of his life in the greater Rochester area.  However his artistic style and world view have long encapsulated the lure of Cape Cod, where he lived at age 6 and with return visits continues to evoke strong memories.


He shares his upstate New York home with his wife, Tammy, who provides unshakeable support for his craft and shares his deep seated love of the Cape and their cat Triton.


“When I’m struck by inspiration, I run with it. When I’m short on inspiration, I find it in the everyday. More

specifically it finds me, as I practice the disciplined task of creating work every day—work that gives visual expression to the feelings and situations I grapple with on a regular basis.”           

  •                                                  – Marcus Conge