AXOM Gallery Press Release

October 5 – November 17, 2012

AXOM Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of new sculpture by Susan Ferrari Rowley.  This show will be highlighting the best of three directions that her work has recently evolved into.

Susan is best known for her large, minimalist, translucent sculptures and she has created a dramatic example of this body of work specifically for AXOM Gallery.  “The first time I saw AXOM, I was taken with the space and its proportions.  It is a crisp rectangle of pristine white with a personality that allows art to shine on its own merit, thus I designed 4-2-2 for this exhibition where it is debuting”, says Susan.

Also, on view for the first time is what Susan refers to as her “residential scale” sculpture.  “The majority of my career has been involved with creating ‘architectural scale’ work.  I did not want my small works to be a maquette of the larger pieces, but complete thoughts in a scale of their own and true to my conceptual nature.”  It has not been until now that I have felt compelled to work in this scale that is more accessible to the public, beyond gallery viewing.”

The third direction is a new product line of wearable sculpture.  Conceive    from the belief that “as individuals we can take part in revitalizing manufacturing in our country”, these pieces are born from a marriage of Art and Industry.  Every aspect of this line is 100% made in the USA, from the manufacturing to the packaging.

We are thrilled that Susan is exhibiting here at AXOM Gallery and for people that have been following her work, this is truly an exceptional opportunity, not only because of the debut of these three directions, but this show is also a preview to her exhibit at the prestigious OK Harris Gallery in NYC which opens in December.

Susan Ferrari Rowley is an Assistant Professor of Fine Art at Monroe Community College and has been exhibiting her work nationally and internationally since 1984.   Her work is in public and private collections and has been written about in numerous publications. In 2011, Susan was selected to receive the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities. This prestigious award is reserved for faculty who have consistently demonstrated superlative performance within and beyond their teaching position.

Susan holds an MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology.  She works out of her studio in Scottsville, NY and has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows throughout the U.S.