Gallery Director and Curator

Margot grew up in a household and lifestyle committed to the arts and her community. During high school at The School of the Arts, she began developing an extensive art education and also worked as a teaching assistant at the Memorial Art Gallery. She continued her education at the Cleveland Institute of Art studying glass and painting. While in Cleveland, Margot joined the education department at the Cleveland Museum of Art working with children on exploring the museum and creating their own artwork. She also worked with high school students, helping to prepare their portfolios for submission to colleges and art institutions.

After Cleveland, Margot continued her higher education at Rochester Institute of Technology, focusing on printmaking and painting. She began to work alongside her father, Rick Muto, as an assistant in creating murals for residential, community, and corporate spaces. In 2006 she joined the New York State Literary Center* as a teaching artist working alongside its founder, Dale Davis, in creating art-based collaborative projects for at-risk youth in Monroe County. Margot still continues in this capacity.

Margot’s passion for contemporary art emerged from walking through the collections of The Cleveland Museum of Art and having a rare opportunity to travel to Germany to visit the Documenta 11 Art Showcase. From here she realized that the versatile direction in which the arts were moving would be an prominent influence on designing her career path.

Margot feels it is an integral part of her position as director and curator to make the art world accessible to all of the gallery’s audiences. She looks forward to working with artists, collectors, students, and educators as she directs one of Rochester’s newest arts venues.

*To learn more about the New York State Literary Center, please visit www.nyslc.org



Robin began her career as a ceramist. Influenced by the craft-art movement of the 1970’s, this aesthetic continues to inform her current profession as an Interior and Lighting Designer. Exploring the connections between craft, art, and design is the curatorial focus of Robin’s contribution to AXOM Gallery. In addition to curating, Robin will be creating the lighting design to bring out the full potential of each exhibit.

Additional information about Robin Muto Interiors can be found at www.robinmuto.com



Rick’s active contribution to AXOM Gallery is his seasoned expertise and knowledge of art in the context of art history. He helps shed light on the relationship between contemporary art and movements of the past.

His lifelong career of creating artwork in living spaces (both private and public) brings another perspective to the gallery’s mission of pairing the artists and their work to a diverse clientele.

Additional information about Rick Muto: Decorative and Fine Artist can be found at www.rickmuto.com