About Us

Our Mission

Axom Gallery and Exhibition Space is committed to the presentation of emerging and established artists working in various media around our region and nation.

  • Curating works in a historical or contemporary context, we will actively foster and present work in visual arts on the basis of original scholarship.
  • The Gallery will serve to link the range of visual arts to contemporary culture and provide a provocative forum where diverse art forms, artists and audiences can come together and offer a point of view that encourages quality, vision and learning.
  • The Gallery will serve our community as an artistic forum which challenges and expands the public understanding and perception of contemporary art and design.
  •  The Gallery will serve our artists by supporting and fostering creativity and making their works available to public audiences and collectors.
  • We believe that the collection of art is a serious and vital endeavor and encourage the art of collecting by engaging our clients in distinctive art, exhibitions, educational programing, consultation and opportunities to dialog with artists.
  • It is part of our mission to help support various outreach programming and city revitalization through the arts.

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