Conversation With a Stranger

AXOM Gallery welcomes photographer, Stephen S. Reardon, with his debut fine art exhibition- a selection of works from his ongoing personal project: “CONVERSATION WITH A STRANGER” In this body of work, Reardon confronts his own “Social Anxiety”. To do this Reardon says he needs two things to happen. “First, to [...]




AXOM Gallery is pleased to announce our new exhibition, IN THE FOREST: New Paintings by artist Kurt Moyer. Moyer is an artist who continues to explore his personal vision in the genres of landscape and figurative painting, while embracing the inspiration he gets form the works of past masters such [...]

Paul Garland’s broken symmetry – City Newspaper Review

In celebration of Garland's five decades of intensive studio work and numerous solo shows in New York City, Toronto, Chicago, Buffalo, Minneapolis and elsewhere, Axom Gallery is exhibiting "Approaching Fifty". This particular show includes two different series of new work.......

Paul Garland: Approaching Fifty

Nearly a half century has passed since Paul Garland had his first professional solo exhibition of painting in February, 1967 at Janus Gallery in Rochester, NY. In the years since, he has with unflagging commitment, pursued an intensive studio engagement

RANGE ‘Pieces Of My Soul’

This exhibit marks the first solo exhibition for Range in a commercial gallery. Range is best known as one of Rochester’s most loyal and original graffiti artists and a member of FUA Krew. His contributions to the graffiti scene have brought him recognition throughout the country

ROSE-COLORED GLASSES: Mixed Media Paintings On Papers by Isaac Payne

Isaac Payne joins us from North Carolina to share with us his dynamic works that explore philosophical and exesential questions around peoples relationship to our man-made urban environments. His compositions of unidentified figures and exposed architectural structures, devoid of the surrounding natural world, reflect an aspect of our contemporary human condition that relates to a sense of isolation in both interpersonal and environmental relationships.

SEEING THINGS: Paintings & Drawings by Lin Price

Price’s work opens up a window to the complexities of the human condition against backdrops of abstracted painterly spaces that hint towards the recognizable. The open ended narratives of struggle, desire, isolation, fear, compassion, obsession, anticipation, searching, and longing are the autobiographical themes that she infuses into the anonymous figure that she calls the “Everyman”.