Robin and Rick Muto, best known for their interior design and art work, have opened a contemporary art gallery at 176 Anderson Ave.

Axom Gallery and Exhibition Space will explore collaborations with other galleries and curators, says daughter Margot Muto, above, the gallery’s director and primary curator.

“It is important to our arts community that we become more and more interactive with artists and art institutions in and outside of the Greater Rochester region for the cultural growth of everyone, including our own artists,” she says.

“The art world today is increasingly broad…. The growing forces of installation and new-media art continue to break down the traditional definitions of art.”

The gallery’s exhibition space will bring flexibility for artists to create provocative programming, Muto adds.

Robin and Rick will be co-curators and advisers.

Axom will hold a grand opening with Paul Garland’s “Convergence” from 6 to 9 pm. May 3.

Garland is professor of art emeritus at SUNY College at Oswego and a pivotal influence on Rick Muto’s career.  His show will include abstracts, landscapes and a blend of the two.