It is my intention to create something from what most call nothing, to draw attention to things that have been forgotten, neglected and underappreciated, and bring them to the fore-front. That is why recycled sculpture peaks my interest, and why making moulds of found objects speaks to me. These overlooked objects possess so much innate character-whether it is their shape, texture, patina-I am moved to make something of them.

I find that in my process of creation there is a thread of physicality that weaves its way throughout. My body first scarred and worn from the labor of searching for materials, then strengthened from the carrying and moving of that weight, and finally defined in their re-imagination and creation. I enjoy working with heavy materials, especially “reorientating” them to defy gravity: standing up what had previously been found strewn about, and bring to life what was once inanimate and comatose. It is my way of personifying the balance for which I am trying to find in life.

-Gareth Fitzgerald Barry


Curriculum Vitae

Group Exhibitions:

21 Days at the Forum, MCC The Forum, Rochester, NY, May 2011

Performance, Craft, Poetry, Gallery R, Rochester, NY, October 2011

Undergraduate Honors Show, Bevier Gallery, Rochester, NY May – August 2012

Greentopia Exhibition, JGK Galleries, Rochester, NY – September 2012

Art Roc Showcase 2013, JGK Galleries, Rochester, NY – Feburary 2013


Solo Exhibition:

Blurring Lines, Gallery R, Rochester, NY – September 2012