Artist Statement

I have always liked to build things out of wood.  My father was a carpenter and he was always building things around the house.  As a kid, I spent a lot of time just watching him work.  I remember how I used to enjoy building things with blocks and boxes, especially the castle I built out of cylindrical oatmeal boxes.  As my interest in building things developed, I gradually began working with the tools available, such as saws and knives to manipulate the objects I found.

The battle with anything is what to start with.  Having a large block of wood to carve into and create a form doesn’t really interest me because it relies on a pre-conceived notion that feels like a closed ended goal to work towards.  I have also done some figurative work in the past but I felt that the work carried more meaning then I wanted it to.  In my work with found objects, the pieces are inspired by the materials themselves, it’s like the object is a piece of language.

The imagery for the drawings evolved out of my use of applying tape to objects. I found myself enjoying the pattern of the lines and continued to develop these patterns with charcoal and graphite on paper.  The variables of grays between the two mediums I find interesting; charcoal provides a deep black, while the graphite offers softer, lighter shades.  I apply the mediums to the paper and I respond to what I see by further manipulation.  I especially enjoy erasing.  I just do it and enjoy what happens.





Lawrence M. Williams


B.F.A. · Kansas City Art Institute, 1958

M.F.A.-  University of Illinois, 1960



2011                  ROCO Invitational, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY

2010                  Makers and Mentors, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY

2001-2002       Sculpture and Drawings, Gallery 15, Rochester,NY

1989                  Outside I Inside, The Other Side, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY

1988                  Ballard 1311: Sculpture Installation, Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY

1987                  Recent Sculpture, Mercer Gallery, Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY

1986                  Lawrence M. Williams- Recent Sculpture- Drawing, Pyramid Art Center, Rochester, NY

1984                  Bevier Gallery, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY

1982                  Auginbaugh Art Gallery, Messiah College, Grantham PA

1975                  Allan Stone Gallery, New York, NY

1972                  Atelier 696, Rochester, NY

1969                  Charleston Gallery of Fine Arts, Charleston, West VA

1969                  Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, Lincoln, NE.

1962                  Columbus Gallery of Fine Art, Columbus, OH



2009                  Group of Six, Mercer Gallery, Rochester NY

 2002                  Figurative Art in Rochester, Gallery 15, Rochester, NY

1999                  Small Abstractions, Kim Foster Gallery, New York, NY

1998                  The Group of  Six, SUNY  Oswego,  Oswego,  NY

1998                  Blurring the Boundaries /-Open Door Studio, Installation, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY

1997                  12 Sculptors I Forms of Abstraction, High Falls Gallery, Rochester, NY

1995                  Recent Work: Julianna Furlong Williams , Judd Williams, Oxford Gallery, Rochester, NY

1993                  The New York 10: Painting & Sculpture, Exhibit, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY

1990                  Invitational Drawing Exhibition, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester , NY

1988                  National Invitational Exhibit of Sculpture, Lamberton Conservatory,  Rochester, NY

1987                  The Group of Six, Hobart College, Geneva, NY

1985                  Lawrence & Julianna F. Williams, SUNY Oswego, Oswego , NY

1985                  14 Artists of Western NY, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY

1978                  The Great American Foot, Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York, NY



1998                 SUNY Brockport, Rochester, NY

1995,1990       Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY

1993                 Museum of Nebraska Art, Kearney , NE Allan Stone Gallery, New York, NY

Purchase Museum Corp., Purchase, NY

Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY

Columbus Gallery of Fine A rts, Columbus, OH

Sheldon Memorial Gallery, Lincoln, NE

Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti MI

Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO Messiah College. Grantham, PA

Rochester Institute of Technology , Rochester, NY

Lincoln First Bank, Rochester, NY

Marine Midland Trust Co., Rochester, NY



1998                  Recipient- Artist Residency Exchange Grant (Hallwalls), Buffalo, NY

1988                  Panel Member. NYFA , Sculpture Div., New York, NY

1988                  Board Member, Pyramid A rts Center, Rochester, NY

1988                  Selection Committee member, George Eastman Sculpture, Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY

*National and Regional Jurying of Exhibitions.



Rochester Finger Lakes Exhibition

Syracuse Reg1onal Everson Exhibition,

Artists of Southern Ohio Exhibitions

Hunterdon County National Print Exhibit

Columbus Art League Annual

Hong Kong International Exhibition of Paintings

Annual Huntington- 180 Exhibitions ·

National Christocentric Arts Festival