AXOM Gallery Press Release

November 30, 2012 – January 12, 2013

AXOM Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of New Arcadia:  landscapes and figurative paintings by artist, Kurt Moyer.  We have been following Moyer’s work since he moved to Rochester and we’re delighted to be presenting Moyer’s second solo show in this region.

Moyer finds inspiration in nature and paints from life whenever possible.  His landscapes capture impressions of glorious summer days in the country and his complete immersion into the sensory experience.  Viewing the work, you begin to smell the moss on damp earth, feel the coolness of the river rocks and the see the light flickering on the water and filtering through the leaves.  His ‘Bather’ paintings expand these landscapes to include idyllic scenes of groups of people bathing in the secluded forest pools.  Moyer’s paintings are characterized by a virtuosity of modulating brushstrokes that create a visceral vibration of dappling sunlight and gentle breezes, yet portray a calmness of natural perfection – the Arcadia, that encourages unhurried reflection.

For those familiar with Moyer’s work, this exhibition will introduce his  series of beach paintings. These works capture a scenic slice of contemporary life spent leisurely enjoying a perfect, summer day with friends at the beach.  There’s a comfortable familiarity to the candid images of children swimming and families picnicking under their large beach umbrellas.  Amid the activity, Moyer captures the experience of relaxing under the clear expansive sky while listening to the sound of the infinite ebb and flow of the ocean’s waves in a state of quiet contemplation.

The beauty of Moyer’s paintings is expressed through the emphasis he places on light, color and solidarity of form over narrative descriptions. There is no meaning to be discovered or story to be actualized. The paintings are at once matter-of-fact observations and yet they have the ability to transform the viewer into participating and experiencing these peaceful, perfect moments in nature.