Jack London by Bob Conge

Look at Us

A look at the legacy of R.I.T.’s school of Art  & Design from the 1960’s.

Featuring multiple artists from the decade.

Opening Reception:

Friday – August 2, 2019

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm


On view from August 2 thru Mid September, 2019


Art during this period was being taught in a way that encouraged the students to experiment and develop their own voice, yet there were still strong influences from teachers to students, among the students themselves, and probably from student to teacher, both in philosophy and style. Nevertheless, there continued to be a strong movement toward a more personal less objective means of expression.

Out of this learning environment, grew life-long friendships and associations that kept some of these artists in touch with others and their work.

This exhibit explores the work of this select group of artists and their provenance as each has developed their own unique style. Threads of common language can often be found between and among them as they grew out of the shared an environment of aesthetic synthesis fostered by teachers and expanded by students.


Rick Muto 



Open Tuesday – Friday  12pm – 6 pm; Saturday 10am – 5pm
and by appointment. (585) 232-6030 ext. 3

Come in: a Series of Paintings with Collage

Opening Reception with the Artist, PaulGarland

Saturday . May 4, 4p – 7p

On Exhibit-

August 2 – Mid September, 2019

On the first Friday evening of each month Gallery Night
We will be open till 9pm

AXOM is Located in The Neighborhood of the Arts 176 Anderson Ave. (on the 2nd floor)  Rochester NY 14607
(we are around the corner from Village Gate and down the block from Good Luck Restaurant).  

From Goodman St. turn onto Anderson Ave (you will be driving east). Just before our building, there is a parking lot with a sign on the fence that says: Parking for AXOM Gallery.
Parking is also available along Anderson Ave and also on the residential side streets off of Anderson Ave.


To be announced 


THE BLUES New Work by Nate Hodge

Of this exhibit Nate says, “For this project I wanted to explore what my paintings would look like in a more physical form, a space that could be navigated by a viewer using more senses than the eyes. What kind of materials would be used? How would the representation of space on a canvas translate into an environment? Why not use skills and tools used and acquired through other lines of work to create something different? With an assortment of materials from previous projects I set about creating the elements for a space that I call the Blues.”

September 7th, 2018|

The Visionary Works of Cathal O’Toole

AXOM Gallery is pleased to announce our new exhibition, “The Visionary works of Cathal Brendan O’Toole”. Cathal O’Toole was a painter, printmaker and teacher born in Dublin, Ireland on September 2, 1904. Trained as a sign painter, O’Toole then decided to study fine art at the Glasgow School of Art.

July 27th, 2018|