AXOM Gallery is delighted to present to our community a solo exhibition of paintings by the well known and highly respected artist/painter, Paul Garland. Nearly a half century has passed since his first professional solo exhibition of paintings in February, 1967 at Janus Gallery in Rochester, NY.  In the years since, he has with unflagging commitment, pursued an intensive studio engagement which has led to numerous solo exhibitions in galleries across the country including New York City, Toronto, Chicago, Minneapolis and other major art centers. Early in Garland’s career, the Everson Museum mounted two one person exhibitions of his paintings.

In APPROACHING FIFTY, the artist, whose studio is located in Fair Haven, NY, continues his pursuit of a distinctive and personal approach to painting in two different series. In the series titled NOW, modernist abstractions symbolize an individual’s inevitable life experiences of facing abrupt change and confronting how to deal with loss. SQAURE MOON RISING, a second series of three paintings, presents larger acrylic works on canvas which combine modernist abstraction with elements of landscape creating unique and intimate environments.

Paul Garland received his BFA and MFA at Rochester institute of Technology and is a Professor Emeritus at SUNY Oswego. He has developed a wide reaching and enduring following of former art students and colleagues who have continued to enjoy the development of his unique style as painter throughout the years.