AXOM Gallery Press Release

July 24 – August 24, 2013

Opening Reception: July 26, 2013  5:30-9 PM

AXOM Gallery is pleased to present “Pour Quality” by Gareth Fitzgerald Barry. This exhibit will consist of large and small sculptures, including work never before exhibited. It will be the first solo show for Gareth, a recent graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology.

It is Gareth’s intention to create something from what most call nothing, to draw attention to things that have been forgotten, neglected and underappreciated, and bring them to the forefront. Gareth sees the innate character of these objects in their in their time tattered shape, texture, and patina. That is why recycled sculpture peaks his interest, and why making moulds of found objects speaks to him.

The artist finds that in the process of creation there is a thread of physicality that weaves its way throughout. His body first scarred and worn from the labor of searching for materials, then strengthened from the carrying and moving of that weight, and finally defined in their re-imagination and creation. Gareth enjoys working with heavy materials, especially “reorienting” them to defy gravity: standing up what had previously been found strewn about, and bringing to life what was once inanimate and comatose. The rebalancing of heavy objects reflects the very natural human urge for balance in life.

Gareth Fitzgerald Barry is a lifelong Rochester resident. He has earned both his Associates in Science from Monroe Community College and Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Gareth’s daily life provides inspiration for his art. He works for a construction company tasked by the government to revitalize inner city landscape with new single-family housing. In addition, Gareth volunteers for Greentopia, a local “green” festival as an event planner, award fabricator, and participating artist.