AXOM Gallery is pleased to present PIECES OF MY SOUL by Victor “RANGE” Zarate. This exhibit marks the first solo exhibition for Range in a commercial gallery. Range is best known as one of Rochester’s most loyal and original graffiti artists and a member of FUA Krew. His contributions to the graffiti scene have brought him recognition throughout the country.

In celebration of his birthday AXOM Gallery will be hosting the Opening Artist Reception of the exhibit on Saturday April 30th from 7-10pm. The reception will feature music by a live DJ and lite refreshments. Many people are familiar with Range’s work from exploring the street of Rochester, NY. We encourage any of you who have stories to share about your experiences with Range and/or his work, to join us and share those with us. Pieces Of My Soul will exhibit will be featuring Range’s works on canvas, prints, and a display of piece books letting us into the development of his style and voice.

Range faced many adversities as a child from living with minimal resources in the inner city to having to undergo multiple reconstructive surgeries to his face due to birth defect. Physical activities were difficult to participate in, as a result his imagination and creativity were an expansive field for him to explore. Like most graffiti artists, Range had to be resourceful in pursuit of materials to create with. He began tagging his name around the streets of the city as a way out into the world and to be amongst his peers. Naturally the writing-form turned into his art-form as he began to explore imagery and narrative within graffiti pieces.

“It was an expression that beat depression and there was no turning back. Through graffiti Art I am in control of love, pain, joy, pride, failure, and success. It was a way to speak for those who in words alone cannot express their true feelings. I am the visual voice of the ghetto. When I am painting graffiti Art the world stands still. Long enough for me to capture the moment. As my thoughts are transferred on to a wall or canvas, the transformation of my creative thoughts evolve into a permanent recollection of a time I once knew or felt. Regardless of how offensive or heartfelt my now exposed feelings are to the rest of the world I paint without prejudice. When people see my work I’d like them to realize that graffiti Art is not only a valid art form, but also a lifeline to someone trying to reach out to the rest of the world such as myself.” – Range