HenryPheonixFrontPage largecopyWe were all taken back this morning to see the the front page coverage on the Democrat & Chronicle of the New Town Collection: A Gift of Hope by local artist Henry Avignon. Unlike most exhibits this ones focus was not only the art itself but the gesture of art as a means for healing on personal and collective level.  Many have walked through the doors since it has opened on March 29th and almost as many have been brought to levels of emotions that I  personally have never witnessed at any art exhibit. I have realized that Avignon created a space in our gallery where individuals have felt safe to be honest with themselves about their feelings , where they have felt they can be open about thoughts and ideas that have spurred from coming together in the wake of such tragic events like in Newton, CT.  Art transcends art here, it becomes a tool for a much bigger dialogue, a dialogue that includes everybody not just the art elite. We have extended the exhibition closing date to May 4th because we are still  receiving much interest from the public to view the works before they leave. We will be sure to keep everyone updated on the status of The New Town Collection as it leaves AXOM Gallery and heads over to Newtown, CT. Thank you to everyone who has come to experience the collection and to all those who have become patrons of the project to help make the gifting of the works possible to the families of the victims and the Newtown community. We are still trying to raise funds to secure this effort, we all know that purchasing a work of art isn’t always the most practical means for some of us, if you are interested in helping towards these efforts for A Gift of Hope please consider making a one time donation on our safe and secure GoFundMe site: http://www.gofundme.com/2h7bwk.

Thank You Sincerely,

Margot Muto, Gallery Director