Paul Garlands approach to painting in his recent series of Junctures is to set forth a tension of two opposing forces. Natural landscapes and non-objective imagery. There is an uncanny sensibility that has intuitively made these two aspects come together and make sense. We are witnessing a window into which the artist instinctually perceives his surroundings. When you look  at these works the images are not opposing as they first appear. For example, viewing the work below titled Well Known we are presented with a view  of a pond and the emerging of a canoe into the scene. Below seems to be a fairly detached internal expression. As I look closer and longer at the work I get the feeling that the artists intuition has brought these two elements together to represent the literal and ethereal, poetic nature of the scenes essence. The texture and pattern created in the latter image is reminiscent of many variables or points of view that could exist within this specific scene of the canoe and the pond.  The crossed linear rhythm of the center red band gives me a sense of nostalgia, of being in the canoe and looking down into  it observing the basin and the boards that could be used for seating. Or maybe I’m, swimming under the water, underneath the canoe and looking up at it’s underbelly as the murky water dilutes it’s vibrant red paint. The layering and passages of thinly washed paint creates the notion of the calm yet vibrating waters as they reflect the many colors of the  sun and  the foliage surrounding. Tell us how you perceive this relationship?