The rhythms and punctuation of the day become the theme of Pat Pauly’s textile paintings. Through single works and diptychs, Pauly explores the passage of the day through chance meetings, scheduled breaks, and the predictable beginning and ending of the day

Since the 1980’s the fine art quilts of Pat Pauly have continued to push the boundaries of how we traditionally perceive the craft of quilting.  Pauly’s work has unabashedly been riding along the forefront of this niche movement in fiber art.  Her wall hung quilts are as much about painting as they are about quilting.  Patterns of stitching are married with color patterns which abstractly expressive aspects of her life.

Taking this painterly approach, Pauly’s work utilizes printed and painted fabrics along with ones she dyes herself, intuitively constructing and deconstructing the pieces of fabric with unusual juxtaposition of shapes, brilliant color and lyrical stitching that create layers of spontaneous yet highly technical and intricate surface design and composition while maintaining the integrity of process and technique in traditional quilting.

Pauly’s work stands among today’s most recognized contemporary fine art quilters and her pieces have been in prestigious exhibitions internationally.  She has also been the curator and organizer behind several major contemporary quilt exhibitions across the country along with acquisitions in both private and corporate collections. She is continually asked to lecture on the evolution of traditional quilting in contemporary art, and teach design, color theory and construction. Pat Pauly is a native of Williamsville, NY and currently resides and has a studio in Rochester, NY