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Four Galleries Exhibit Danny Allen Retrospective – City Newspaper Review

Some people wake up from the fever of youthful turbulence & substance-tinged madness into steadiness; others don't make it. Rochester..artist Danny Allen was central to the city's... art scene in the late..60's and..70's before he ended his life in 1974 at age 28. A four-venue retrospective exhibition of Allen's being held... at Rochester Contemporary, Gallery Q, AXOM & Mercer Gallery.


To call Tina Starr outgoing is a severe understatement. She's charming and loving and audacious, but like a lot of women, has been carrying an under-discussed trauma. Her exhibit of photography, video, and sculpture aims to start and sustain an important discussion. Starr drew the show's title from the 1963 song "He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)," which was written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King for The Crystals. It was inspired by Goffin and King's babysitter brushing off being battered by her boyfriend. "And interestingly, the song was produced by Phil Spector," Starr says. "So all of this is what makes it a really sick, twisted song."

“NARTCAN” Review in City Newspaper

Sorrow and angry grief smacked my brain when I saw the work in the addiction-themed group show currently up at AXOM Gallery. This past summer, when I was moving the last of my belongings into the house I currently live in, I paused setting things up to gather around a backyard fire with my new housemates. The sun had long since set, and more people were showing up [...]

St.Monci and Lives Styled stage dream spaces at Axom – City Newspaper Review

Axom Gallery has been temporarily transformed from a white walls art gallery into a supremely fun, impossibly chic series if staged living and working spaces. A beloved local creative couple-painter St.Monci and Hannah Betts of design studio Lives Styled-have taken over the room, filling it with their art and carefully arranged furniture from Axom Objects [...]